Ladybirds present a trio of resonant sound layers that lend a uniquely arranged rebirth to old school vibes of traditional singer-songwriter arrangements. The vibrant energy of these surging harmonies leave your palette with a little Americana, and a whole lotta soul. With Sarah lending her multi-instrumental knack, to Khia’s multi layers of harmony, to Niki’s ear for the arrangements and beats, Ladybirds are just scratching the surface of their element.



Khia's love for music started at an early age. She grew up singing in church with her twin sister, as well as school competitions. Her musical influences are compiled of gospel and soul with a touch of country. In 2018, Khia joined Niki Giles and Sarah Saunders to create Ladybirds. Khia has always had a passion for songwriting, and while the group is currently performing their unique take on classic and modern covers, they are avidly preparing their own words for future performances.


Niki was singing in church, and getting shushed for belting out tunes at the dinner table by the time she could turn on a radio. She spent the majority of her youth entranced in music videos and her Dad’s record collection. Her grandparents were avid Hee Haw watchers, and their love for classic country lend her that twang. It wasn’t until a destined car ride with Ashlee Dillon in her early twenties that she discovered her love for harmony. They would go on to be co-founders of The Squash Blossoms with Sarah Saunders.


Sarah hails from the Tennessee side of the twin cities, Bristol, the birthplace of country music. A preacher’s daughter and middle child, Sarah was born into music with an upbringing of gospel to Headbangers Ball to Yo MTV Raps. From singing harmonies with her sister in church choirs to exploring lead and rhythm guitar with her brother, Sarah's music today is a melting pot of beats and melodies. Sarah's artistry has led to being a member of The Squash Blossoms, and Continental Waylay.